What Does Cottage Insurance Cover

What Does Cottage Insurance Cover?

Navigating the world of insurance policies can be complex, especially when protecting your cherished cottage or vacation home. Our goal is to provide you with clear, concise information on what these policies typically cover. Whether you’re worried about natural disasters, theft, or accidental damage, we’re here to help you understand the extent of your coverage with the R&R Cottage Insurance Plan. From the essentials to the fine print, we’ll explore various scenarios to ensure that your peaceful retreat remains a source of joy, not a cause for concern.

What Does the R&R Cottage Insurance Plan Cover?

The R&R Cottage Insurance Plan is a top-tier insurance solution for cottages, thoughtfully tailored to meet vacation and cottage homeowners’ unique needs. With an understanding that each property and owner is different, the R&R Plan offers extensive customization, ensuring your seasonal property is protected against a wide spectrum of potential risks and damages. This level of protection offers invaluable reassurance, whether you’re at your property or away.

At its core, the R&R Plan is designed to tackle the typical issues and challenges that cottage owners face. The plan comprehensively covers the following areas:

Property Damage Protection

The R&R Plan provides extensive coverage against property damage, encompassing the main cottage structure and other onsite constructions like boathouses, sheds, and guest houses. The coverage is wide-ranging, protecting against various natural calamities such as fire, windstorms, hail, and lightning, thus securing your investment against numerous unexpected events.

Coverage for Detached Structures

The plan includes coverage for detached elements like garages, docks, or fences, ensuring a comprehensive insurance solution that protects every part of your property investment.

Protection for Personal Property

The R&R Plan goes beyond structural coverage, extending protection to the contents inside your cottage, including electronics, furniture, and personal items. This coverage safeguards against theft, loss, or damage, crucial for maintaining the comfort and personal touch of your vacation home.

Personal Liability Coverage

The plan offers extensive personal liability coverage, an essential component for property owners. This coverage is activated in cases of injuries on your property or accidental damage to neighbouring properties, covering potential legal costs and damages, thereby providing a financial safety net against legal actions.

Coverage for Additional Living Expenses

If an insured event renders your cottage uninhabitable, the R&R Plan covers additional living expenses, including hotel stays and other costs related to temporary relocation, significantly easing stress and financial strain during repair and restoration.

Protection Against Vandalism and Theft

Recognizing the vulnerability of often unoccupied cottages to vandalism and theft, the plan specifically addresses these risks, a critical feature for many owners.

Coverage for Specific Water Damage

The plan includes protection against certain types of water damage, especially those related to plumbing issues. The plan allows for adding extra insurance options for broader protection against water-related risks like floods or natural water ingress.

It’s important to note that the R&R Plan is as unique as each cottage owner, with the ability to adjust to your specific requirements. This means coverage can vary, and there might be exclusions or limitations based on your individual circumstances. To ensure you get a policy that is perfectly tailored to your needs, we recommend you consult with an R. Robertson Cottage Insurance broker. This approach ensures that you receive the most suitable coverage for your valued getaway.

What Makes The R&R Cottage Insurance Plan Stand Out?

The R&R Cottage Insurance Plan stands out in the cottage insurance marketplace with its array of unique coverage options specifically tailored to address the distinct challenges and risks associated with cottage ownership. Recognizing that cottages face unique situations, our plan goes beyond standard insurance offerings, like property damage, personal property, and detached structures, by including specialized coverages for scenarios less common in typical policies:

Squirrel Damage Coverage

This coverage is particularly relevant for cottage owners, as it protects against damage caused by squirrels. These small creatures can cause significant harm, especially in unoccupied cottages, by chewing through wiring, insulation, and wood. Such damages can be costly and disruptive, making this coverage a valuable addition for peace of mind.

Bear Damage Protection

In areas where wildlife interaction is more common, bear damage can be a significant concern. This coverage provides financial protection against the destruction caused by bears, whether they are seeking food or shelter. It’s essential coverage for cottages in bear-prone regions, ensuring that damages from such encounters are covered.

Snow Load Coverage

For cottages located in regions with heavy snowfall, the weight of snow and ice accumulation can pose a serious risk to the integrity of structures. This coverage safeguards your property against such damages, offering protection for roofs and other structures affected by the heavy weight of snow and ice.

Freeze Protection

This coverage is crucial for preventing financial loss due to burst pipes and the resulting water damage, which are common issues in cottages during freezing temperatures. It ensures that damages caused by freezing and thawing are covered, a key consideration for properties in colder climates.

Short-term Rental Coverage

Recognizing the growing trend of cottage owners renting out their properties, this coverage includes both property protection and liability insurance for rentals up to six months. This is ideal for those looking to generate income through short-term rentals, providing comprehensive coverage for various scenarios that may arise with rental guests.

Enhanced Water Damage Coverage

This optional coverage extends beyond typical water damage protection. It includes coverage for certain types of water-related incidents, such as accidental overflow of appliances, plumbing leaks, or water ingress from sudden or accidental causes.

Seasonal Rental Extension Coverage

For those who rent out their cottages seasonally, this extension provides additional protection specifically tailored to the risks associated with renting out your property, such as accidental damage by renters or potential liability issues.

What Are Some Additional Cottage Insurance Coverage Options?

Adding optional coverages to your secondary property insurance helps enhance your standard policy by providing extra layers of protection for specific scenarios that cottage owners commonly face. By considering these optional coverages, you can create a more comprehensive insurance plan that caters to the particular needs of your family cottage lifestyle, ensuring that every aspect of your cherished retreat is safeguarded. Whether it’s dealing with extreme weather conditions or protecting the unique features of your property, these optional coverages offer the flexibility and security you need for complete peace of mind.

Overland Water Coverage

This type of insurance is critical for protecting your property from the damage caused by overflowing rivers, lakes, or heavy rainfall leading to flooding. It’s particularly important if your cottage is located in a flood-prone area or near bodies of water. This coverage ensures that you’re financially protected against the often devastating impact of flood-related losses, safeguarding not just the structure of your cottage but also your belongings inside it.

Sewer Backup Coverage

This coverage is essential for protecting your property against damage caused by the backup of sewers or septic tanks. Such incidents can lead to significant damage, particularly in lower levels or basements, and can be both distressing and costly. Sewer backup coverage helps mitigate the financial burden of cleaning, repairing, and restoring areas affected by this type of damage.

Watercraft, ATV, and Snowmobile Coverage

Cottages often serve as a hub for recreational activities, including the use of boats, ATVs, and snowmobiles. This coverage provides specific protection for these vehicles, which are not typically covered under standard property policies. It’s important to safeguard against theft, damage, or liability issues that may arise while using these recreational vehicles.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost Protection

This is an important coverage option, particularly for cottages that have unique features or older structures. It guarantees that your cottage can be rebuilt to its former state in the event of a total loss, even if the rebuilding costs exceed your policy’s limit. This coverage is essential for ensuring complete restoration without the worry of additional out-of-pocket expenses.

By-law Coverage

If your cottage suffers damage, rebuilding it to comply with current building codes can significantly increase costs. By-law coverage is designed to cover these additional expenses. This is especially valuable for older cottages that might not meet current building standards, ensuring that any necessary upgrades during reconstruction are financially covered.

Fire Department Coverage

In rural or remote cottage areas, the cost of having a fire department respond to a call can be substantial. This coverage takes care of charges that may be incurred if the fire department needs to attend to your vacation property, offering peace of mind that you won’t face unexpected bills in the wake of a fire emergency.

What Is Not Covered Under a Cottage Insurance Policy?

Just as with regular home insurance, basic cottage insurance often does not cover certain risks and events. It’s essential for cottage owners, particularly in Ontario, to recognize these coverage gaps. Here are some typical exclusions you might find in basic cottage insurance policies:

  • Damage from Sewer Backups: Issues arising from sewer or septic system backups are generally not covered.
  • Flood-Related Damage: Losses due to flooding are typically excluded from standard policies.
  • Damage from Earthquakes or Landslides: Destruction caused by geological events like earthquakes and landslides is not covered.
  • Pest Infestation Damages: Problems caused by pests, such as insects or rodents, are usually not included.
  • Intentional Damage: Any damage intentionally caused to the property is not covered.
  • Regular Wear and Tear: The natural deterioration of the property over time is not included in the coverage.
  • Items of High Value: Coverage for expensive items may be limited or excluded.
  • Damage Due to Negligence: Losses resulting from a lack of proper maintenance or negligence are typically not covered.
  • Mould-Related Damage: Issues arising from mould growth are usually excluded.
  • Frozen or Burst Pipes in Unheated Buildings: Damage from pipes freezing or bursting in buildings without heating is often not covered.
  • Issues Arising from Rental Use: Problems that arise when the property is used for rental purposes are generally excluded.

Luckily, many of these situations can still be covered with additional coverage and add-ons to your policy, depending on your coverage needs. For a cottage insurance package that aligns precisely with your needs, speak with an R. Robertson Cottage Insurance broker today. By doing so, you can be confident in obtaining the best insurance coverage from a top insurance provider for your unique secondary home needs.

Why Choose the R&R Cottage Insurance Plan for Your Insurance Needs?

If you’re ready to purchase cottage insurance in Ontario, consider the R&R Plan. With a rich history spanning over fifty years, R. Robertson Cottage Insurance has established itself as a leading provider of bespoke insurance solutions for cottage owners across Ontario. Our core expertise is in devising insurance policies that are meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of those owning seasonal homes. The R&R Cottage Insurance Plan, a product of our extensive experience, is designed to offer robust year-round protection for your cottage, ensuring that your property remains covered even when you’re not there.

At R. Robertson Cottage Insurance, our team is composed of highly knowledgeable insurance professionals who possess a profound understanding of the nuances of cottage insurance. This expertise allows us to provide you with the most effective coverage at a competitive price. As a specialized brokerage, we work closely with top-tier insurance companies, conducting thorough comparisons of cottage insurance quotes to find the best fit for you. We recognize that every cottage owner’s needs are unique. To address this, our policies are crafted with flexibility and diversity in mind, ensuring they align with your specific requirements, whether you use your cottage sporadically or frequently. Our policies are designed to provide the perfect blend of protection and adaptability for you and your family.

The Robertson family, not just industry leaders but also founders of the Ontario Marine Operators Association and innovators of enduring insurance programs, continue to guide the sector with their wealth of knowledge. We’re proud to offer an array of exceptional cottage insurance plans that include distinctive coverage options. These include specialized protection against damages from wildlife like squirrels and bears, risks associated with heavy snowfall and freezing conditions, and even coverage for short-term rentals for up to six months. Furthermore, our unique online platform is a notable distinction of our service, making us the only insurance provider in Ontario to offer online cottage insurance quotes. Secure your tailored quote with us today for comprehensive and reliable cottage insurance coverage.


What does personal property insurance cover?

Personal property insurance typically covers the loss or damage of personal belongings inside your home, such as furniture, electronics, clothing, and other personal items. It usually protects against risks like theft, fire, vandalism, and certain types of water damage. The coverage extends to personal items both inside the home and, to a lesser extent, when they are temporarily outside the home.

How much is insurance for a cottage in Ontario?

The price can differ greatly, typically spanning from a few hundred to several thousand dollars each year, influenced by aspects such as the cottage’s location, size, and how it is used.

Do I need cottage insurance?

Cottage insurance provides protection against financial losses stemming from property damage, theft, natural disasters, and liability claims related to your cottage.

What type of insurance would best suit the needs of an insured who owns a cottage that is in use all year long and has many features of a primary residence?

A thorough home insurance policy designed for full-time living is ideal, complemented by extra coverage options that cater to the unique risks and characteristics associated with the cottage’s location and features.