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We’re NOT your typical insurance brokerage! R&R Plan is an exceptional cottage insurance program that offers outstanding protection at competitive rates.

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R. Robertson Cottage Insurance provides personalized service for Ontario cottage owners! As a pioneer in Ontario, founding the Ontario Marine Operators Association and establishing programs still relied on today, the Roberston family continues to offer expert advice on a wide range of quality Cottage insurance programs. We offer additional cottage coverage options not found elsewhere including squirrel damage, bear damage, snow load, freezes, and short term rentals up to 6 months. Better yet, we are the only insurance provider in Ontario that offers online cottage quotes. Get Yours today!
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A cottage, calm waters, and Ontario’s premier cottage protection. What else do you need?
Seasonal Cottage Insurance Ontario

Seasonal Cottage Insurance

Enjoy the most out of your cottage by protecting yourself with Ontario’s Premier Cottage Insurance Provider! RR Cottage Insurance protects your seasonal home and belongings against fire and extended perils including storm damage, theft & vandalism, building collapse and much more! Interested in enhanced coverage? Learn about our single limit protection at no extra cost. Learn More.

Secondary Cottage Insurance Ontario

Secondary Cottage Insurance

Receive total peace of mind regarding your secondary cottage with secondary cottage insurance. As your insurance provider, RR Cottage Insurance defends you against damage and theft with our guaranteed replacement cost! Protect one of your most valuable and sentimental investments with the only provider offering coverage against damaged caused by bears, raccoons, and squirrels. Learn More.

Cottage Rental Insurance Ontario

Cottage Rental Insurance

Renting out your cottage? What a perfect mix of fun and investment! Properly protect your cottage with extended rental cottage insurance coverage designed just for you. Coverages include rental income, personal liability, and owner’s liability. Find out what Ontario best cottage insurance providers can offer you! Learn More.

Builders Cottage Insurance Ontario

Builders Cottage Insurance

Our Builders Risk Cottage Insurance keeps you on solid ground! Ensure your cottage construction project is properly protected against physical damage and liabilities that stand in the way of completion.  Offering coverage for materials on and off site, in transportation, and during construction. Find out how much you can save by switching to RR Cottage Insurance today! Learn More.

Why R&R Plan?

The R&R Plan is an exceptional cottage insurance program designed by cottagers for cottagers! The R&R Plan gives you peace of mind while you enjoy your passions, the outdoors, and family fun!

As a top-rated provide we offer outstanding protection at competitive rates. Our exceptional service and customer focus help us strive to be the best cottage insurance provider in Ontario! Contact us to speak directly to a cottage insurance specialist.

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Is there an added cost to my premiums if I have a wood stove in my cottage?
No, not with  R&R Plan. Other insurance providers do charge extra for a wood stove or fireplace, especially those companies that offer insurance on almost anything that can be insured. We only provide cottage insurance and have been since 1993. We’re also cottagers ourselves so our plans are made by cottagers for cottagers. We know how important a wood stove or fireplace is for cottage living and coverage for cottages with wood stoves is available at no extra cost.
Do you provide insurance coverage for water access cottages?
Yes, island or water access cottages are covered by the R&R Plan. And not only does it cover water access cottages, the R&R Plan also includes coverage of watercraft and accessories while they are on the cottage premises for up to a maximum of $5,000 per occurrence and boats up to 25hp and 26ft in length while they’re in the water – at no extra cost! To get coverage for bigger, more powerful boats while they’re in the water, contact a customer service rep and have your boat added to your policy.
Does RR Cottage Insurance insure off-the-grid cottages?
Yes we do. To ensure that your policy is not voided, however, make sure to have the necessary permits and inspections done for the work on your cottage and use a licensed electrician when required to do so.
Do you insure land lease cottages?
Yes, land lease cottages are included in the R&R Plan. As cottage insurance specialists, we’ve been insuring land lease cottages since 1993, so we know how to ensure that your land leased cottage is fully protected. You may want to consider the R&R Cottage Insurance Plan for your land leased cottage as it includes coverage for the structure and contents in case of fire and extended perils such as storm damage, building collapse, theft, burglary and so much more. The replacement costs provided are on a new-for-old basis for your insured property.
What are the benefits of working with RR Cottage Insurance?
Here are just a few of the advantages of working with the cottage insurance specialists at R Robertson Insurance:

  • We provide cottage insurance as a standalone product that’s not bundled with other insurance coverages you don’t need or want. Our cottage insurance coverage is not an afterthought or an add-on. Our plans are written to specifically address the needs of a cottage and ensure that it’s fully protected.


  • As cottagers, we provide the coverages that we would want for ourselves. That means we provide more coverages included as part of our plans without extra fees. Those coverages include cottages with wood stoves, watercraft and accessory coverage and protection for outbuildings, docks, decks and outdoor equipment at no extra cost.


  • We have unique offerings not found anywhere else such as cottage coverage options for snow load, freeze-ups, short term rentals up to 6 months and coverage for damage caused by squirrels, raccoons and bears.  


  • We provide cottage insurance for people who reside outside of Ontario or Canada – even U.S citizens! 


  • Your family’s safety is our number one concern. Our team of dedicated claim staff are here when you need us the most. If you suffer a loss you can call our emergency line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and speak to a team member who deals exclusively with cottage insurance claims.
Do you provide cottage insurance for corporations?
Yes, we provide cottage insurance coverages that can be tailored to fit the needs of any sized rental company – from large corporations to individuals who have registered their cottage rental business with CRA
Do you cover short term rentals?
Yes, we have short-term plans that provide our comprehensive cottage insurance coverage for up to 180 days. It’s the perfect way to get peace of mind at an affordable rate!
Does RR Cottage Insurance provide freeze-up coverage?
Yes, and we don’t charge extra for it! Our Enhanced Freeze-Up Coverage protects you from having to pay out-of-pocket to pay for damage caused by a freeze-up including damage to:

  • Pipes
  • Water heaters
  • Pressure tanks
  • Appliances

There are certain criteria for this coverage to apply including ensuring the water pump or municipal water intake line are shut off when you’re away from the cottage, that you maintain a reasonable amount of heat in your cottage and that you drain the water system, domestic water containers and appliances. For more information, visit our Enhanced Freeze Up Protection page.

Do you require inspections during the winter?
No! It’s obviously better if you’re able to have someone check up on your cottage or for you to monitor it remotely. But for seasonal cottages that are closed, we do not require you to inspect your cottage in the winter to maintain your coverage.
Can I rent my cottage out under the R&R Plan
Yes! You can rent your cottage out on any platform such as Airbnb or other similar platforms as well as engaging a rental agency.  This is a great way to make some extra money when you’re not using your cottage. Some of our Rental Cottage Insurance coverage highlights include:

  • Additional cottage rental coverage for up to 6 months
  • Limited coverage if a peril causes you to lose rental income
  • Personal liability coverage if a renter injures themselves
  • Limited coverage for damage caused by the use of your watercraft
Do you have coverage for cottages undergoing renovation projects?
We cover ongoing construction projects and new builds – even if you’re DIYing it! Once your structure is fixed and enclosed, you’re eligible for our Builder’s Risk Insurance Plan which means that you don’t need an occupancy permit to get insurance coverage for your project while it’s under construction. Some of the coverages include:

  • Building materials on or off site and while in transit
  • Building course of construction which protects you and your cottage while it’s under construction



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  Always an excellent experience with RR Cottage Insurance. I feel well informed, well covered, and glad I chose RR Cottage as my insurance specialists for my cottage. 

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