Log Cabin Insurance

Log Cabin Insurance

There is nothing quite like breaking ground onsite of your future vacation spot. But when building your very own log cabin, there is much that can go wrong. One of your workers could suffer severe injuries at the construction site. Or a severe storm could cause damage to your partially finished cabin, or faulty electrical wiring could spark a fire. Thankfully, you can mitigate all of these risks and more with a comprehensive cottage cabin insurance policy. 

R&R Plan Cottage Insurance offers the best comprehensive cottage insurance policies for cottages in Ontario. We customize your policy to fit your unique needs as a log cabin owner. We specially design them to protect you and your property all year. That is why cottage owners in Ontario have been choosing us as their insurance company for over 50 years. Thanks to our extraordinary insurance specialists, with their extensive knowledge of the cottage insurance market, we can ensure you receive the exact protection you need at a price that fits your budget. 

R&R Plan is the only online cottage insurance quote provider in Ontario. Our goal is to make insurance a simple, fast, and convenient process for all cottage owners in Ontario.


What is a log cabin?

A log cabin is a small home built out of wooden logs. They are often known for their versatility, one being the most popular: a vacation home. Log cabins are a popular getaway option for when you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place to wind down from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Many hunters and fishermen also use cabins to relax after a long day. A small, cozy cabin can be an ideal vacation home for anyone.

Is it hard to insure a log cabin?

It depends on whether you are purchasing an already-built cabin or building one yourself. If you plan to build a cabin, you should purchase cabin insurance before you begin to ensure you are protected from the very beginning. However, your insurance company will likely require specific details about your cabin before they can build you a comprehensive policy. 

Some of the details they made need you to include are as follows:

  • Where the cabin is being built
  • The surrounding terrain
  • Whether the area is prone to flooding or fires
  • If it is near a bank, shore or coastline
  • Where the nearest fire hydrant is
  • What materials are being used, including:
    • The type of wood
    • How thick the logs are
    • The type of roofing you will have

Make sure you are ready to provide as much information as possible about the construction of your cabin. Also, be prepared that you may receive a visit from your insurer to inspect the site, and therefore, it may take longer than expected to receive your insurance.

Why is log cabin insurance necessary?

Insurance for your log cabin is necessary because owning a cabin presents several risks throughout the year. By purchasing a comprehensive insurance policy, you are ensuring not only protection for your cabin but also for yourself from personal liability for any damages and associated expenses. 

In Ontario, log cabin insurance can protect cabin owners against the following:

  • Property damage.
  • Injuries or death to third parties
  • Associated medical expenses
  • Vandalism and theft
  • Legal fees that may be incurred as a result of a lawsuit
What is covered by cottage insurance in Ontario?

While log cabin and primary home insurances share many characteristics, there are a few differences depending on how you choose to use your cottage. 

At R&R Plan Cottage Insurance, we are excited to offer first-rate insurance policies for all cabin owners in Ontario. Here is how our insurance specialists are prepared to assist you:


Secondary Cottage Insurance 

With our secondary cottage insurance policy, we offer year-round, guaranteed replacement costs while protecting your cottage and personal belongings against the following:

  • Fire damage 
  • Storm damage 
  • Theft and vandalism 
  • Damage from bears, raccoons, and squirrels
  • Liability coverage available for up to $5,000,000

Seasonal Cottage Insurance 

This seasonal cottage insurance policy protects your secondary home against the following: 

  • Fire damage 
  • Storm damage 
  • Theft and vandalism 
  • Building collapse
  • Liability coverage available for up to $5,000,000 
  • Protection for an outbuilding, decks, and docks without any additional costs.


Cottage Rental Insurance 

With the cottage rental insurance policy, you will have coverage that includes the following: 

  1. Personal liability protection in the event a third party injures themselves on your property 
  2. Owner’s liability protection against loss or damage caused by a watercraft (if “incidental” watercraft is included in your contract)
  3. Rental income protection against financial loss due to damage or insured perils

This insurance plan will cover you for up to six months of the year.

Builders Cottage Insurance 

Start your secondary home construction while protecting your structure against damage and liabilities. This coverage includes:

  • Protection of building materials both on and off-site 
  • Coverage during transportation and construction

Additional Cottage Insurance 

Additional coverage options for cabins include:


  • Protection from damage that results from squirrels, bears, raccoons, insects, snow loads, freeze-ups, and short-term rental residents
  • Protection for outbuildings, decks, docks, and outdoor equipment without any extra fees added
  • Protection from damage that is caused by septic backup and flooding, earthquakes, fuel oil release
  • Coverage for extreme weather conditions
  • Coverage for damage or total loss of motorized vehicles, campers, or trailers
  • Coverage for buildings used for farming or other business operations
What is not covered by log cabin insurance in Ontario?

Before partnering with an insurance firm in Ontario, cabin owners should keep in mind that some features are not included in standardized second-home insurance plans. These omissions often include the following: 

  • Septic backup and flooding 
  • Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes
  • Fuel oil release 
  • Wood rot
  • Infestation
  • Homeowner neglect

If you are uncertain of what coverages you need for your log cabin, please do not hesitate to talk with your insurance advisor at R&R Plan Cottage Insurance about our additional coverage options.

Who would require log cabin insurance?

If your name is on the title of a log cabin, you need cottage insurance. Even if you bought the cabin with friends or family, each person on the title needs to have their name listed on the cottage insurance policy.

What is the best protection for log cabins?

When you own a log cabin, you should have an insurance policy in place that protects your property, any outbuildings and their contents. It should also include liability coverage in case a visitor or guest injures themselves on your property or claims property damage.

Here is what our R&R Plan log cabin insurance plan covers:

  • Fire damage 
  • Storm damage 
  • Theft and vandalism 
  • Building collapse 
  • Damage from bears
  • Liability coverage available for up to $5,000,000 
  • Protection for an outbuilding, decks, and docks without any additional costs.

If you plan to rent out your cabin while you are not using it, you will also need our short-term rental insurance. It offers coverage for up to six months for the following:

  • Personal liability protection should a third party injure themselves on your property 
  • Owner’s liability protection against loss or damage caused by your watercraft
  • Rental income protection against financial loss due to damage or insured peril
Are log cabins high-maintenance?

Generally, log cabins require more maintenance than other homes or cabins. But when they are well-maintained, they can last forever. Typically, the wood needs to be re-stained every four to seven years to protect the logs from stains, dust, dirt and pollen. Proper drainage is even more critical to avoid wood rot along the bottom logs. Also, any checks or cracks need to be sealed to prevent water from getting into the logs. Luckily, there are many fantastic, reputable companies that specialize in staining and restoration services to help make your job easier!

    Does log cabin insurance cost more than homeowners insurance?

    Despite their similarities, log cabin insurance is generally more costly than homeowners insurance because cabins are at more risk of insurance claims. 

    Cabins often remain vacant for extended periods. This makes them more susceptible to property damage due to break-ins and vandalism or even damage from a leak, fire or infestation. Because log cabins are often built in more remote locations, it can be difficult for firefighters to reach them easily or in a timely manner. This puts them at higher risk of significant fire damage or complete loss should a fire occur. Additionally, if your cabin is built along the coast, the risk of damage from windstorms or hurricanes is also significantly higher. These all contribute to higher insurance rates. 

    Moreover, some cabin owners prefer to rent their cabin out when they are not using it. If this is something you are considering, you will need additional short-term rental insurance to protect the cabin from any damage, loss, or liability.

    In summary, factors that typically affect your insurance premiums include the following:


    • How long your vacation home is vacant for.
    • Where the vacation home is located.
    • If you plan to rent it out.

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