R & R Loss Control Bulletin

How are Cottage Rates Determined?

Cottage rates and the premiums that we pay are directly related to claims. In an effort to control costs and maintain a competitive rate structure we monitor claims identifying trends, risk factors and the costs associated with various risks. In cottage country, many risks are environmental and difficult to control. Strangely, the one factor driving claims costs over the past four years is not environmental and is well within our ability to control it.

In this instance, we refer to the risk of loss or damage caused by the escape of water from a plumbing system caused by rupture or freezing. This particular risk transcends all seasons and applies equally to the seasonal cottager and the four seasons cottager.

What can I do to Reduce the Risk of Loss or Damage?

When leaving the cottage to return home, winter or summer, we recommend shutting off the power to both the water pump and the hot water heater. Should a pipe burst or a fixture fail the damage will be contained and the loss will be minimized. During the heating season, we encourage the use of plumbing antifreeze as a back up to the heating system which may fail during a power outage. A 4-ounce cup of antifreeze in the sink, tub and shower traps will prevent freeze up and prevent loss. To protect the toilet tank and bowl shut off the valve beneath the toilet, flush to drain the tank and pour a minimum of 8 ounces of plumbing antifreeze into the bowl. Should you have an appliance that relies upon an uninterrupted source of water be sure to disconnect the appliance or consult a service technician to best protect your system.

Let’s work together to reduce the risk of loss or damage and help us provide the protection that you require at a cost that you can afford.